A Heart Overflowing


Like a child waiting for their parents to wake up on Christmas morning by checking on them every few minutes to see if they are awake, I walked down the hall this morning to not one but two closed bedroom doors. I went directly to the door on the right and quietly opened it and peeked inside. My eyes delighted on our 22 year son, but my mind saw that 7 year old little boy.

Next week my heart will be filled to overflowing as our oldest worked hard to manage time off from two jobs. My calendar next week has all empty days. Days that will fly by too quickly being filled with whatever these amazing gifts from God want to do!

Speaking of gifts, I encourage you to tell your children or the children in your life how awesome they are, how much of a blessing they are, and how much you enjoy their company. Don’t simply think it, speak it! Words are powerful even when we speak them about others when they’re not around. Words have an eternal impact.

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