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A Mother’s Impact Part III

Then, the skies darkened, and another storm began to brew. I remember it was January and we were having a terrible snow storm when I got the call. It was my brother. He was 16 and hadn’t been feeling well for some time. Doctors kept diagnosing him with mono and told him to rest. Then, a lump appeared on his chest. He went in for a biopsy and was calling to tell me the results. Lymphoma. It was a crushing blow. My heart sank into my stomach and I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t lose someone else. I couldn’t handle it. I thought of my mother. She was now forced to watch another child fight for his life. How would she do it? Working full-time, single, and another child in grade school to care for?

Why was this happening?

For the first time, I saw in my mom, a frustration I had not seen before. She was angry. We all felt it and none of us understood why our family had to go through another crisis. The thought of losing my brother…ugh, I can’t even describe to you how that felt. Once you have experienced loss, that pain never goes away. The fear and anxiety struck us all. Most of all, we felt awful for my brother. It wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair. He’d been through enough. Why was this happening?

As the anger subsided, my mom leaned on Jesus, just like she always did. She pushed through, she encouraged, she cared for, she did everything in her power to save my brother, and then she let Jesus do the rest. She relied on Him. Even when the rest of us faltered and were angry with God, she never showed anything but trust in His promises for our lives. She trusted God wouldn’t take my brother from us and she was right.

My brother beat cancer. In fact, he kicked cancer in the teeth and has been in remission ever since. I’m sure the trauma of that experience still haunts him, but he is a healthy, wonderful man. I am thankful every single day he is still here with us.

Once again, my mom showed us endurance, perseverance, and most of all, she showed us that trusting God is all we need to do to get through the toughest trials

Once again, my mom showed us endurance, perseverance, and most of all, she showed us that trusting God is all we need to do to get through the toughest trials. She didn’t waver. She was in the Word. She prayed. She constantly reminded us who our God is and how He fights for us. Any time I doubted God’s plan and purpose, she picked up the slack and never stopped reminding me who God really is.

I am sure she didn’t always handle everything the right way, and I am sure there were times when she was also angry with God, but she didn’t let it take over. This is impact number 3. Even though I saw her struggle more with this trial, I also saw how she would continually bring herself back to the truth. She trusted God’s promises for our lives, even when the future seemed bleak.

As our lives have continued, there have been more struggles and more difficulties, as there are in anyone’s life. Thankfully, because of our mother, my siblings and I have faith, courage, and the knowledge that we need to let God lead our lives. We can truly abide in His presence and trust in His promises.


Hello, my name is Danielle Wayman. I am married to my college sweetheart and have three beautiful children. I currently stay home with my youngest child who is definitely ‘all boy’. I recently began blogging in order to encourage other moms with active boys like mine but soon realized that God was calling me to encourage and inspire moms of all ages and talk about issues we all struggle with. So here I am, writing and hoping to reach the one Mom who may be having a rough time. Praying for God to use my words to bring a little sunshine to her day.

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