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Are You Ready to Fly?!

Imagine stepping into a bungee harness, pulling it up to and securing it around your waist, clipping your harness to a carabiner clip, tightening your strap which connects your harness to an industrial strength tether secured into the ceiling and you are ready to FLY! Welcome to Aerofly Fitness the latest boutique fitness gym to call Brentwood home.

I didn’t enjoy cardio workouts. 5 minutes on the treadmill felt like an hour, with each second slowly ticking by.

Owner Denise McGrew had always struggled with working out consistently. She tried different gyms and classes but never found something she could stick with long term. She said, “I didn’t enjoy cardio workouts. 5 minutes on the treadmill felt like an hour, with each second slowly ticking by.”

Disappointed, I dropped the idea of looking for a fun workout but the idea laid dormant in the back of my mind for several months.

That all changed last year when she started to get serious about finding an exercise program that she enjoyed and would look forward to. She remembers seeing a video that had gone viral on social media of a studio that offered a new and fun workout called the Bungee Workout. She searched the Internet looking for a local place to try out these classes but was quickly discouraged. Denise found that there was one aerial arts studio in SoCal but no local studios offering any type of bungee classes. Denise said, “Disappointed, I dropped the idea of looking for a fun workout but the idea laid dormant in the back of my mind for several months.”

As an entrepreneur and business owner for many years it was impossible for Denise to not think about the idea of offering a local studio with a bungee workout. She thought, there MUST be other people like me…who WANT to find their movement, who WANT to exercise in a fun way and who WANT to be healthier.

Several months ago Denise traveled to Arizona to visit the studio, whose bungee workout video had gone viral, to try a bungee class. She went to several classes over three days, including bungee and aerial yoga trapeze. Denise said, “I was HOOKED!” For the first time in her life she completed a great cardio workout for an hour and didn’t look at the clock once. The workout was different and fun. She loved the feeling of being light weight and bouncing and jumping; doing moves she never imagined possible without a bungee. When Denise returned home she immediately started researching and reaching out to other studios in the United States that were offering the bungee classes. She also made a visit to another studio in Indiana and took several more classes, loving every minute!


From there, we went from zero to one hundred in less than 3 months, finding a space, hiring and training instructors and creating Aerofly Fitness.

When Denise returned home she purchased a bungee and a harness and her husband turned her home photography studio into her bungee and aerial yoga trapeze practice space where she began learning and practicing. She studied for her Fitness Instructor and Group Instructor Certifications and also completed her Aerial Yoga Trapeze Certification. Denise said, “From there, we went from zero to one hundred in less than 3 months, finding a space, hiring and training instructors and creating Aerofly Fitness.”

Aerofly Fitness has been opened less than three months and Denise said, “The response has been amazing. It is so rewarding to hear our clients stories. How they too needed something different and fun to get them motivated. How they look forward to coming to the studio. The changes they have seen in their bodies and lives since starting with us.” Denise also told me that some clients have experienced relief from lower back pain from the Aerial Yoga Trapeze classes. She said, “Our goal is to continue to grow Aerofly Fitness in Brentwood with hopes to expand by opening two more studios in the Bay Area.

Currently Aerofly Fitness offers the following classes:

AeroBungee Classes

  • Beginning Bungee (Everyone must take a beginning class prior to moving on to other classes in this category). In the beginning class, we learn a short routine choreographed to a song that teaches the basic bungee moves. In addition, we go over the safety of taking a bungee class and properly fit clients in a harness and document the correct size bungee cord for them to use in future classes.
  • Bungee Flight – We learn a choreographed routine to a song that is anywhere from 1-2 minutes in length. This is an extremely fun cardio workout and clients typically burn 400-500 calories per class.
  • Bungee Fit – Combines the cardio of the bungee moves along with free weights and resistance bands for strength training. Clients typically burn 450-600 calories in this class.
  • Bungee Lite – These classes are a tad slower paced and combine 30 minutes of a slower paced Bungee Flight followed by 30 minutes of a lighter version of Bungee Fit. Perfect for those just re-entering the exercise world or for those who many need some modifications.

Aerial Yoga Trapeze:

Our Yoga Trapeze Classes aren’t JUST yoga! We have created several classes that focus on different goals, from building strength and toning muscles, to increasing flexibility and getting the most amazing stretches you have ever felt! The Yoga Trapeze utilizes several muscle groups at the same time for every pose, making it a great addition to your workout routine. Not to mention the spinal traction poses…it really is the Ultimate Inversion Tool!

  • Beginning Aerial Yoga Trapeze -This class teaches use of the trapeze with basic yoga moves and stretches. (Everyone must take beginning class prior to moving on to other classes in this category).
  • Aerial Strength & Tone – Increases strength & toning and offers a full body workout utilizing the hammock to work multiple parts of the body at the same time.
  • Aerial Stretch & Flex – Increases flexibility and offers the most amazing deep stretches using the yoga trapeze.
  • Aerial Yoga – This class uses the traditional yoga poses combined with the yoga trapeze to work on core strength.
  • Aerial Pilates – Discover the best of both worlds in this class that combines Pilates movements with the yoga trapeze. Focuses on a full body workout to increase core strength and toning.
  • Aerial Lite – A slower paced, low impact class designed specifically for individuals who need modifications or those who prefer gentler moves.


TRX Suspension Straps is a total-body workout that activates all muscles at once to build strength, mobility and endurance. Regardless of your fitness level, TRX is one of the most effective and versatile workout systems to deliver fast and sustainable results.

Sculpt & Burn Bands

Utilizes resistance bands to sculpt and tone target areas of the body.

AeroKids Zone

We offer kids classes from age 8 with both the Bungee and Aerial Yoga Trapeze. There are several paid trial classes available every month with regular classes being month long enrollments of 1-2 days a week.

Beginning in May:

AeroNinja Kids Obstacle Classes

 These classes will be geared towards children from 3-10 years old. The aerial studio will be transformed into an obstacle course with slack-lines with rings, cargo nets, floating ladders, and more, along with foam mats and structures, creating different obstacle courses each day. Children will learn basic tumbling, agility, speed and healthy competition in a supportive and fun environment. One of the most exciting things that comes along with this new kids program, is while the kids are having fun in the Aerial Studio in the obstacle course, classes for Mom will be offered in the Bungee studio! Mom and child get to play and exercise at the same time! Classes will start in the late morning and continue through early afternoon.

Denise wants others to know exercise CAN be fun and something to look forward too! Aerofly Fitness is a non-intimating environment with small class sizes with an AMAZING group of clients who support each other. There is no judgement and everyone is on their own journey. Where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow or the next day.

Editors Note: When you visit be sure to step into the bathroom for a daily inspiration written on the mirror!

 To learn more about Aerofly Fitness please visit them at


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