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When starting anything new, it’s always good to have a plan. Whether it be a route when traveling somewhere new, a grocery list when preparing for a new recipe or directions on how to put together that new item you just purchased from the store. Having a workout plan is just as critical


The key to your plan is start small. Keep it simple. Select a few days a week you will be able to commit to your plan and mark them into your day planner just as you would any other appointment. Overwhelming yourself and making big goals too soon will create chaos, frustration and fear.

Decide in your plan what you will be doing each workout session. For example, bicep & tricep day with quads; shoulder and chest day with some lunges; and back and ab day with some booty work. If you are not sure of what to do, there are many online resources you can use, gyms you can join that have personal trainers at your fingertips or group fitness classes you can attend. Include time of duration and reps into your plan. How long do you have to workout at each session? An hour? Thirty minutes? Decide based upon your schedule how many sets you can do and repetitions of each set that will fit within your time available. Start light and then go heavy. Test your strength slowly so you don’t become injured. Don’t forget some rest periods in between each set. Rest is your friend

 “I’m not one for trying to be like someone else, I want to try to be the best person I can”


We imagine things all the time. What it would be like to be filthy rich, super model gorgeous, most well liked person in the room, etc. Your fitness journey is no different, except it’s more tangible and important. Visualization is the key to keeping us on track to reach our goals. I’m not one for trying to be like someone else, I want to try to be the best person I can. However, I find that visual effects can help me stay focused on those goals. For example, finding a picture of someone you admire and posting that on a mirror or kitchen cabinet, or hanging those kind of small jeans or dress in the front of the closet to keep us motivated to make good choices and not give up.


Life happens… everyday. Work gets busy, you can’t workout that day or eat as healthy as you’d like; kids get sick and you are taking care of them; you get sick or injured; family events that include cake and yummies occur; the holiday’s arrive, etc. Plan for those setbacks, don’t drop out of the event. Your life is the biggest event you have and the most important one, so keep moving forward. You have no choice. You are the driver and can choose which alley to turndown. It’s okay to make a wrong turn, just get out your map (your calendar, fitness and food tracker) and get back on course. It happens to everyone! It’s okay.

“Is it because you can’t do it, or because you don’t want to do it?”

The problem starts when your setbacks become your excuses. Excuses are bad fuel for the body, mentally and physically. I ask my classes all the time, “is it because you can’t do it, or because you don’t want to do it?” Find the point where you can do it and work from there. I know you can, I believe in you.


We all like rewards. Kids like to get little stamps on their hands or stickers on their shirts. Adults like recognition in the form of compliments or even monetary rewards like a work bonus. When you make it to the end of the week and you attended your workouts (physically and mentally) and you ate clean (more on that in a future article), celebrate! Have one meal you’ve been looking forward to all week or buy a new article of clothing. You can even simply tell yourself you are AMAZING and curl up on the couch with a great movie and cup of hot cocoa for some “me” time.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can do it! All successful people start somewhere and have obstacles to maneuver around. Believe in yourself… you got this!

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Kemala Purcell is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer who works with a variety of people to get fit, strong and to have a healthy lifestyle. Kemala believes in setting realistic goals that can improve one’s daily living and increase physical strength as age and life progresses. She has taught at various gyms in the Brentwood area over the past 11 years and has become certified in many formats that challenge her classes and clients. In addition to fitness, Kemala enjoys spending time with her husband, two adult daughters and 3 crazy dogs. She also loves spending time running with her friends and enjoying the beauty of the California East Bay. Kemala believes that we all have the ability to be healthy and strong, and that the “Joy of the Lord is our strength.” Nehemiah 8:10


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