Book Review: Slow Down, Mama Intentional Living in a Hurried World


Hey Mama! Do you often feel like you are a plate spinner? You start one, two, three, four, five plates spinning and race back to plate one just before it stops so you can give it a swift twirl. Whether its morning carpool, mommy and me class, or afternoon pick-up loop ( let’s not forget you need to eat at some point during the day!), I’m positive you can relate in some way.

I wore busy like a badge of honor

In Slow Down, Mama, author Patty H. Scott, MA, shares her experiences with over scheduling and mistaken priorities. Patty states, “I wore busy like a badge of honor.” She ran through life saying yes to every opportunity that presented itself. When she was asked to lead a summer Bible study with a group of moms she found herself lesson planning on Beating Busyness. Patty shares, “That study cracked through my veneer.”

Patty describes what it feels like to have FOMO, fear of missing out, that drives many mama’s to take on more. She also talks about Super Women Syndrome, Get-er-Done Girl, and People Pleasing. Patty gives you valuable insight and wisdom on overcoming these perceived titles and walks alongside you as you take time to allow space to breathe and heal.

Make This Chapter Mine is at the end of each chapter with four thought provoking reflective questions along with an encouraging verse.

Some of my favorite thoughts from Slow Down, Mama:

We will never get a rewind button on the precious moments in each given day.

I don’t want to expend my life accomplishing more tasks, I want to invest my time in the people and purposes that matter most.

Mama, I encourage you to allow Patty to be your biggest cheerleader as you read Slow Down Mama!

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