Falling Face Down


A few days ago we were texting one of our Lovebugs and suddenly they didn’t text back. I began praying, “Lord we can’t race out to where our child is so we trust you to protect our child.” I ‘fell’ facedown before the Lord right there in Walmart. God and I have been working this, turning to Him first rather than allowing fear and worry to creep in. I’m not saying it is easy, especially where our kids are concerned, but it is freeing. Think about this, I spoke to the Creator of the heavens and earth and He heard me!!

I love this Old Testament reminder of Moses’s and Aaron’s example of falling before the Lord. You see, the Israelites we’re complaining of not having any food and water. A situation to big for Moses and Aaron to handle so they humbled themselves and took a posture of reverence before the Lord and He heard them!
How’s your posture today?
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