Five Fun Arts & Crafts Activities For Kids


Five Fun Arts & Crafts Activities For Kids


Kids have all sorts of hidden talents. Part of the fun of parenthood is watching them learn new things, and then cultivate those skills over time. The best way to discover where your child’s talents lie is to provide them exposure to a broad range of activities.

If you’re interested in helping your little one develop their artistic inclinations you might try a few of the activities below.

Drawing And Coloring

For a lot of kids, coloring is their first exposure to art. With the right crayons, toddlers are able to scribble on a page and delight at the color left behind. As your child gets older, they can start to color in shapes, and eventually they’ll even be able to stay within the lines.

Of course, once they have mastered coloring, they might be able to attempt a drawing of their own. This opens up a new avenue for creativity and also an opportunity to hone a skill over a lifetime. Indeed, there are many young children that make magnificent drawings, and many, many adults that never quite master the craft.

Paint A Picture

If they like drawing, there is a good chance they will love painting. Beginners can try finger painting. Older children can move on to water colors and other types of paint as well. Watching your child hovering over an easel is sure to bring a smile to your face. Fair warning though, painting can get quite messy! So, it’s best to do this someplace where a few splats of paint won’t cause a major issue.

Construction Paper Cut Outs

Once your child is old enough to use scissors, construction paper opens up a whole world of possibilities. They can try cutting shapes out of one color. Or, if they want to take it to the next level, they might try gluing together different colors to make a more complicated piece of art.

This is a great one for holidays too. Think red heart cut outs for Valentine’s Day or perhaps brown, orange and black to make a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Holiday Cards

While we’re on the holiday theme, making cards can be a fun holiday activity. Your child can cut out cards in different shapes, draw pictures, and even write messages to loved ones. Get different colors for different holidays and other special occasions. Whoever is lucky enough to receive a handmade card from a child is sure to be overjoyed.

Open Their Eyes To Origami

Origami requires a bit more skill than some of the others on this list, but children that master this craft will be well rewarded with beautiful results. One of the challenges that comes with origami is that it’s necessary to pay close attention to the directions. Often times, when you’re folding a piece of paper, it’s hard to understand how the folds will result in a particular design when completed. With a little patience and attention to detail though, your child will be producing dazzling designs in no time.


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