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Help Save Serenity House

In 1997 Johnnia Davis [affectionately known as Ms. Johnnie] founded Sister to Sister, 2 Inc., working with women suffering from trauma and substance abuse. Recognizing many of the women suffered from intergenerational trauma, Johnnia opened Serenity House which is the Wellness and Recovery Program affiliate of Sister to Sister, located in West Oakland, CA., where Johnnia grew up.

Serenity House is a two-year program with four phases designed to help women heal and reach their goals and is likened to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Before a caterpillar can fly (F.L.Y.E.) it must return to the womb (cocoon) and be reborn

  • Phase One-Faith into Freedom realizing that healing is possible.
  • Phase Two-Love into Life identifying how one loves can transform their relationship with themselves, God and others.
  • Phase Three-Yield to Process through reflection and discernment moving forward in a new surrendered way of being.
  • Phase Four-Enlighten into Elevation learning how to maintain and sustain ones new found freedom.

The rent at Serenity House has been raised by 75% and is in jeopardy of closing and displacing the sheltered women causing many of them to become homeless once again. This program has helped hundreds of women find confidence, meaning and purpose and you can help ensure that the program survives.

Donations can be made at 

Or directly through Serenity House website

*source Serenity House website.


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