Earlier this year NorCal Christian Voice featured an article about an amazing non-profit, #ICANHELP, which helps tweens, teens, young adults and parents navigate social media properly and positively. Co-founders Matt Soeth and Kim Karr, realizing the urgent need for their organization, retired from their teaching positions to dedicate their time and resources to help stop the negativity on social media especially involving teens and young adults and educating them along with their parents in making social media a safer place.

Every year #ICANHELP hosts #DIGITAL4GOOD an event recognizing kids and young adults between the ages of 8-25 for the positive things they are doing on and about social media. YOU are invited to join the festivities. This year the #DIGITAL4GOOD Conference will be held at FaceBook Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA on September 16, 2019 and you can join the live stream broadcasting from 9-10am PST. You can also host a watch party in your area! To join the live stream and register to host a watch party visit icanhelpdeletnegativity.org

Kim states, “At the annual #Digital4Good conference, highly-engaged students, industry, and educators focus on celebrating positive tech and media use = #Digital4Good. Join us in supporting student voice and digital leadership. The Power Hour features the #Digital4Good nominees and their award-winning projects. Our power hour viewer goal is 100,000! Help us reach our goal by:”

Together we can all #HELP.

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