In Plain Sight


The old lighthouse keeper’s home had many antiques from yesteryear. Most of them on display behind plexiglass barriers. Except for one book sitting in plain sight on an antique desk. The tour was self guided with signs throughout the rooms stating, “Please don’t touch.”

Now, I’m a visual and tangible person. I don’t like the ocean simply because I can’t see what is beneath me, so, what did I do when I came across that antique book sitting out in the wide open? Yes! I touched it. I not only touched it I opened it to see the copy write date (Because writers are fascinated with such things). I am also the rule follower in the family and it was quite surprising, when my husband, who has often been quoted as saying, “Rules are meant to be broken,” admonished me for putting my hands on said book. Little does he know I wanted to pick it up, hold it to my chest and wonder about all the people who have read the words contained inside, but I digress.

How is it that God created me to be visual with the love language of physical touch (I love a good, strong, heartfelt hug), yet believe in Him when I can’t even see Him with my physical eyes?

The answer is faith. God supplies us with the faith to believe that Jesus came, he died, went down to hell, took care of business and conquered death, was resurrected, and sits at the right hand of the Father. God gives us faith to believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

But fear keeps many from choosing Him.

Spiritually speaking the antonym of faith is not fear it is sight. God gives us faith to see from a heavenly perspective.

What do you say? Will you ask God for faith to see and believe? If you do you gain all things God has for you. If you don’t you lose eternity.
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