Legacy Living NOW for Future Generations Bible Study Review


I have been a student of God’s word for over sixteen years. Through the years I have used different methods of study. Can I just say, I LOVE  the SOAK (Scripture, Observation, Application, Kneel) method that the authors of this study teach?!!! 

Starting with the introduction it is clear that authors Beckie Lindsey, Patty Schell, Nancy Franklin, and Marie Martinat have a heart to love others to Jesus and a special place in their heart for women to intimately know the God who sacrificed His one and only Son so no one should die without the hope of living with Him forever. 

Legacy is a four-week study on the book of 2 Timothy. Each week begins with a memory verse, a short word study pertaining to the memory verse and a short personal author story wrapped around the Scripture passages to be studied for the week.

Each day of Legacy begins with looking up the definitions, synonyms and antonyms of a word pertinent to that days passage and THEN the student gets to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the study! The daily homework pages are divided into columns titled, Scripture, Observation, Application and Kneel, with room to write. Under the heading of Scripture there is the passage that is to be written out for that day. For instance, Week One, Day One the Scripture to write out and study is 2 Timothy 1:1-5. Once the passage is written out, what stands out most to the student is written under the Observation column. Moving over to Application the student writes out how to apply what they’ve observed from Scripture to their life and finally under Kneel, the student is encouraged to write out a prayer for that days studying. Each day ends with a short Going Deeper section of study.

What I love most about studying God’s word with SOAK is the deeper sense of intimacy I feel with Him and the realization that I am in His presence through His word which is very alive and speaking back to me.

If you have never used the SOAK method of Bible study I excitedly encourage you to check out Legacy. If you are currently using this study method I would love to hear how it is working for you in the comments below.

Legacy can be purchased on Amazon.

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