Love Unlocked


The heart of the nonprofit, Love Unlocked is for all children in the foster care system and emergency care for people rescued from human trafficking. After many years of prayer, the Lord revealed to Muna Haddad and her prayer partners Crystal Haddad and Charlotte Sindaha the keys that would lead to opening the nonprofit.

“The point was to open up an organization that allowed everyone to use the gifts and talents the Lord gave them. Whether their heart’s desire was with foster care, whether it was with trafficking, whether it’s with international relations with refugees,” said Muna.

Every year Love Unlocked in Central California hosts a royal tea party for foster children. The theme of this year’s royal tea party was Biblical princesses. In attendance were Ruth and Queen Esther, who sang a song for and prayed over the children. Also in attendance were Disney™ princesses, whose attributes and strengths were highlighted to the children so they could see that through faith all things can happen. 

“The point of that event is so that they can feel the worth that they have, that they are loved by their Father, that they are not orphans but they’re adopted by Jesus Christ and that they are royalty.”

Seventeen booths of fun were set up for the children where they made bracelets of hope and inspiration, did archery and made a wish at a wishing well. Each station had a prince or princess to entertain their royal guests. This year the royal tea party included a fundraiser with one hundred percent of the funds going to host the event. All the children were provided with royal attire, crowns, lanyards, and autograph books. The children and their CASA (court appointed special advocate), enjoyed tea and a full course meal with the princes and princesses. Many months of preparation go into planning the royal tea party and Muna says, “It’s a really magical experience.” 

In addition to raising awareness about foster children, Love Unlocked raises awareness of homelessness, human trafficking, and refugees, working with many wonderful organizations in the community and partnering with them.

“We believe that in unity things change,” Muna said. They come alongside other organizations helping them put on their events because they want to help “With anything that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Love Unlocked is also an international organization. Last year they took 17 people to Jordan and joined other ministries helping those in refugee camps. I asked Muna if others interested in becoming involved in Love Unlocked could start their own chapter and she told me, “We haven’t gotten there yet,” but indicated that is something they are working toward.

I asked Muna what the future looks like for Love Unlocked. She told me, “The ultimate goal is for us to open up a ministry home for aged-out foster children as well as an emergency shelter for trafficked victims.” Children who reach the age of eighteen are considered aged-out of the foster care system and if they have not been adopted they are on their own. There is a transitional housing program where the children can live until they turn twenty-one, however, many of them do not take advantage of this program but return after the time for them to apply has expired and they need help and there is nothing available for them.

Muna says their ministry home will be, “Above all else a place for worship and prayer. There will be classes teaching flag worship, cooking, and job placement to name a few. A home where we can mentor and we can guide them to the organizations that have these homes and find them placement.” 

The vision of opening this ministry home is beginning to take shape. Muna told me, “The Lord put it on someone’s heart in Los Angeles to donate a car to us and to restore it and sell it to open our ministry home. The car turned out to be Frank Sinatra’s missing car, his rat pack car.” The car is scheduled to be completely restored by February of next year and then taken to auction. It is with the auction funds that Love Unlocked will move forward with opening their ministry home.

In closing Muna and I talked about the logo for Love Unlocked, which includes a key with a heart on top. “The heart represents the love of Jesus and the Lord revealed to us the things He wanted to unlock in the lives of these children. The hurt, bitterness and everything that they’ve gone through will only be unlocked through Jesus. Ultimately, the goal of the Love Unlocked ministry house is to lead God’s children to the truth of His unfailing love and purpose for their lives.”

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