Say It Isn’t So: Iconic Fortune Cookie Factory Could Close Their Doors


Since 1962 the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco, CA has been making up to 10,000 fortune cookies per day giving customers choices from their unique flavors such as chocolate, green tea or strawberry. Regardless of which flavor you choose Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory wants you to choose their cookies for all your special events, according to their website.

The BBC is reporting skyrocketing rent as the cause of the possible closure of this iconic cookie factory. When the factory first opened in 1962 rent was $900.00 per month. In 2016 rent was $1,400 per month and last year the rent topped out at $5,750 per month.

“Even I don’t know the recipe. It’s my mum’s secret.”

Co-owner Kevin Chan’s mother and uncle, who originally opened the bakery, told the BBC the cookie recipe is a secret, “Even I don’t know the recipe. It’s my mum’s secret.” Chan stays up into the early morning hours writing the fortunes that go inside these hand-made treats and have been delighting their customers for over four decades. With the huge increase in rent he isn’t sure how much longer he can keep the business going.

Kevin told the BBC “I don’t think about the future…the landlord can kick me out and I’d have to go anyway. But this is the heart of the factory, here on Ross Alley. No matter how much rent they charge, I say ‘go for it’.

To learn more about the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory or to schedule a tour you can visit their website


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