Sinner is Not my Identity


“The problem-and because we’re sinners, there is always a problem…” Taken from “Open Your Bible”

I take exception with this statement and here is why. Do I still have the tendency to sin? Yep, absolutely, no doubt. BUT since I believe in Jesus ‘sinner’ is no longer my identity. I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus and HE is my identity.

Words are so powerful. If I continually tell myself I am a sinner, guess what I will eventually keep doing? And guess who wants me to continue to identify myself as a sinner? I prefer to call myself a daughter of the one true King. I’m His kid, He’s my Papa. THAT is my identity. My desire is to focus on Jesus and His saving grace and eternity. To thank God for His gift of confession and repentance, to thank Jesus for His faithfulness in showing me the sin in my life and to thank Holy Spirit for always being available to help me confess and repent. This in no way gives me carte blanche to purposely sin but it is every reason why I must stay tethered to Christ.

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