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A Mother’s Impact Part III

Then, the skies darkened, and another storm began to brew. I remember it was January and we were having a terrible snow storm when...

Little Madeline

The girls’ dormitory was a beehive of activity on my first Saturday morning at Kent Academy. Fifteen little gals formed a line that stretched...

A Mother’s Impact: Part II

Then, there came another storm. Like a tornado, it ripped our home and our lives to shreds. I was a freshman in high school....

Trump Lauded Faith-Based Initiatives in Fight vs Drugs

President Donald Trump announced that the government will use faith-based initiatives as part of its campaign against opioid abuse in the country.

Treasured Connections

In a flash of green and gold, she suddenly appeared a foot beyond my car window and hovered there as if looking in at...

A Mother’s Impact: Part I

  The pressures of raising children can be overwhelming. I worry daily about if the things I do and say are going to have an...

In Plain Sight

The old lighthouse keeper’s home had many antiques from yesteryear. Most of them on display behind plexiglass barriers. Except for one book sitting in...

Study: Faith is Good for the Brain

According to an article by Italian science journalist Piero Bianucci, prayer and other experiences related to faith stimulate a part of the brain associated with strong, positive emotions.

Trump Vows to Defend Life During Prayer Bfast

US President Donald Trump pushed his pro-life stance during the annual National Prayer Breakfast on February 7, 2019 in Washington D.C.
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