The Plague of the Heart


Every morning that I sit down to meet God in His word I start by asking Him to cleanse my heart and renew in me a steadfast spirit and to show me something new. He is always so faithful.

I enjoy the depth and richness of the Old Testament as much as I do the New Testament. Some of my favorite books of the Bible are the prophets. The ancient prophets remind me that ministering can and will be messy many times. The ancient Israelites railed against the ancient prophets for speaking words of truth and conviction and it is no different today; there is nothing new under the sun. Sensing what the Lord wants His people to hear and putting the right words together with grace and love sometimes comes out as a harsh rebuke and that equates to a really bad day at the office. I am so thankful for the inner circle God has surrounded me with who have the freedom to gently correct me.

When I read Numbers 16:47 I sensed the Spirit reminding me that when I forego my time with Him it opens the door for ‘plagues’ of the heart. All the muck the enemy wants me to look at causing my view to be street level rather than heavenward. But when I choose to steep my mind and heart in the truth of God’s word and meet with Him there He closes the door to any ‘plagues’ darting back and forth attempting to grab ahold of my heart.

My encouragement today is to meet God in His word and allow those words, which are alive and active, to fall over you, around you and through you. Commit them to memory so when a ‘plague’ attempts to distract you, you have an arsenal of truth to pull from.


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