Time Slips Away


“Typically when I speak at a conference, there is a countdown clock letting me know how much time I have remaining on the stage. Sometimes I pretend that the clock is a countdown of my life. I imagine that I’ll be standing face-to-face with God when that timer expires. This gives me courage to say everything I think He would want me to say. If I really was going to die, I would care very little about people’s complaints. I would be obsessed with seeing the face of God and wanting His approval.” Francis Chan Letters to the Church

If you knew you only had 24 hours left on earth how would you spend your time?

As believers we will be judged on how we spent our time on earth. (2 Corinthians 5:10).

This is one reason discipleship is so important. To come alongside each other and grow together through the Bible. Learning together our identity, authority and inheritance in Jesus. Learning the characteristics of Jesus and applying them to ourselves. Agreeing with Holy Spirit in the renewing of our mind and becoming more and more like Christ.

Jesus didn’t come to destroy the world He came to save the world through His sacrifice on the Cross. And He left us to carry on the spreading of His message of Him crucified and eternal life through Him and Him alone.

He wants us to look out for one another and continually bring each other back to the truth of His word.

Time is short how will you spend it?

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