Your Fitness Journey: Get a Buddy!


In our past discussions to starting a fitness journey, we touched upon 6 important concepts to consider; planning to succeed, getting a buddy, eating to feed the body, dressing for success, staying focused and being realistic. In this article, we’ll discuss our second fitness concept on the importance of getting a buddy. So, let’s make some friends!


We as humans are more likely to keep focused and succeed when we have someone to join us on our journey. We will be more driven, confident and encouraged when someone joins us by our side to rejoice and struggle thru the depths of sweat and dumbbells.




So many times we make plans and plan on following thru with them, but life happens and thoughts creep in and discourage us from moving forward with our plans.

If you have a good buddy, they will call you to make sure your alarm is set, or you’ve got clean workout clothes ready to rock your body

Having a workout buddy or accountability partner is vital to staying focused and keeping us on track. If you have a good buddy, they will call you to make sure your alarm is set, or you’ve got clean workout clothes ready to rock your body and that you’ve eaten to have the energy to show up and get the job done.

Having an accountability partner isn’t a one way street. You need to be a good buddy to them too. They are counting on you to check on them in turn. Don’t let it be all on them. They won’t stay your buddy for long.


Our fitness buddy will hold us accountable to suit up and show up, but they can also drive us to work hard. Too many times I see the buddy system become a “social hour” of chit chat and gossip. A good workout buddy will help drive you to do what you came for…results.


Our good buddy will help build our confidence in the fitness land. It can be intimidating to go to a gym, studio, or even a walk by ourselves. Having our buddy increases our confidence that we are not alone and if we “mess up,” we have an accomplice.

Our good buddy will help build our confidence

We can absorb new things together and educate each other on skills we’ve learned or read. Confidence is a great gift to have and is even better with a sprinkle of humility. Be patient with one another, we all grow at different rates.



Encouragement stems from confidence. When we are confident in what we are doing, or that we can try something new, we can then encourage others to be their best. I fully believe that when we are encouraged, our desire to be our best will shine. No one can be perfect, that’s impossible. But we can strive to do our best each and every day, in all areas of our life. That’s character building. Each day will bring new challenges and rejoices, and we can only do what our bodies and minds are able to do that day. Encouraging one another is a loving thing to do. In turn, we become encouraged and feel loved.



It’s fun to workout with your buddy! You get to learn new fitness things, become closer to your buddy, laugh and create some amazing stories to tell your family and friends.

Having more than one buddy is advised. You might have someone who loves lifting weights with you and will be by your side anytime you lift. You might have a cardio crazy friend who wants to dance, run or cycle with you. Find a variety of buddies who enjoy what you do and who will hold you accountable, keep you driven, confident, encouraged and who wants to make fitness fun… because it is!







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Kemala Purcell is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer who works with a variety of people to get fit, strong and to have a healthy lifestyle. Kemala believes in setting realistic goals that can improve one’s daily living and increase physical strength as age and life progresses. She has taught at various gyms in the Brentwood area over the past 11 years and has become certified in many formats that challenge her classes and clients. In addition to fitness, Kemala enjoys spending time with her husband, two adult daughters and 3 crazy dogs. She also loves spending time running with her friends and enjoying the beauty of the California East Bay. Kemala believes that we all have the ability to be healthy and strong, and that the “Joy of the Lord is our strength.” Nehemiah 8:10


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