Your Fitness Journey: Stay Focused


In our past discussions to starting a fitness journey, we touched upon 6 important concepts to consider; planning to succeed, getting a buddy, eating to feed the body, dressing for success, staying focused and being realistic.

Let’s discuss the importance of being focused.

Motivation and spiritual strength will overlap


Motivation will become your friend over time. No one succeeds without it. Only you can do it for yourself and it will be the number 1 tool in your workout belt that will get you past all obstacles. Motivation and spiritual strength will overlap. Digging deep and finding THE voice inside us that tells us we can do it even when we don’t want to that day or don’t feel we are worth it will make all the difference in the workout journey.


Being focused means we have a plan. Showing up is part of the process but having a plan and focusing in on it can save a ton of time. Pick the days you plan on working out, what you are going to do on those days, such as muscle group, how many reps and sets. If it’s a cardio day, what type of cardio are you going to do? Treadmill, elliptical? Take a Cycle or Zumba class? Save yourself the stress and loss of time by focusing in on your plan. It’s crucial to your fitness journey.


Before I started teaching, I would block out my workouts on my schedule as if it was an appointment. Nothing got set in those time slots. It was important to me to show up to my workout

Concentrating on our plan keeps us on track. Before I started teaching, I would block out my workouts on my schedule as if it was an appointment. Nothing got set in those time slots. It was important to me to show up to my workout. I was focused on a goal and I was going to stay on track to reach my goals. You are important. Stay on track and treat your fitness time as an event you need to attend. It keeps us accountable especially if you don’t have an accountability partner.


Attention to details creates safety and a strong foundation. Same goes for fitness. Focusing in on your form, allows growth and progress and creates a safe workout with fewer injuries. If you have the plan and you know how to do the move, such as a squat, then you will be safe and progress will take place.


The cornerstone to all fitness journeys is a safe plan of attack. But it also means no excuses. So many people make excuses as to why they can’t stay on track. They don’t feel good, the kids have activities, they were waiting on the repair person to show up, they went out of town, etc. When we want something bad enough nothing is going to stop us from getting what we want. We are FOCUSED on our goal. We make adjustments to make that goal happen. In the fitness world this might mean working out at a different time or changing up your workout plan for that day. But you still get the job done you don’t just give into changes… you work around them.


Here is the amazing part, the center to all your hard work and planning, results happen. You’ve been diligent in your workouts, you’ve shown up and had a plan. You safely attacked your workouts with attention and stayed on track. Now your clothes are more comfortable and you feel stronger. You have more energy and your excuses don’t rule your life. You have taken control and are moving forward to a healthier life. You are becoming a motivation to those around you and you find yourself setting new fitness goals. You are FOCUSED!

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